Thursday, October 22, 2015

DUI Arrests – 10/22/2015

Sylvester William Niblet, age 43, of Washington, DC, 9/23/15 by Deputy B. Fennessey

Sylvester William Niblet

Jose Eugene Josh Gonzales, age 36, of Mechanicsville, 9/25/15 by Deputy P. Gawlik
Jose Eugene Josh Gonzales

Brian Carl Cain, age 48, of Charlotte Hall, 10/4/15 by Deputy H. Smith
Brian Carl Cain 

Kimberly Ann Welch, age 41, of Bushwood, 10/4/15 by Deputy S. Kerby
Kimberly Ann Welch

Heather Ann Thompson, age 22, of Nanjemoy, 10/8/12 by Corporal E. O’Connor
Heather Ann Thompson

James Robert Gillespie, age 63, of Leonardtown, 10/8/15 by Deputy J. Wilson
James Robert Gillespie

Jessica Joy Rifenberg, age 32, of Mechanicsville, 10/10/2015 by Deputy J. Kerns
Jessica Joy Rifenberg

Rodil Kenil Hernandez Garcia, age 28, of California, 10/13/2015 by Deputy D. Smith
Rodil Kenil Hernandez Garcia 

Noah Christopher Reed, age 29, of South Carolina, 10/7/2015 by Deputy First Class V. Pontorno

Francis Leonard Hall, age 55, of Ridge, 10/9/2015 by Deputy J. Smith
Francis Leonard Hall 

Zacahry Kenneth Lengfield, age 22, of Piney Point, 10/17/15 by Corporal D. Corcoran
Zachary Kenneth Lengfield 

Brandon Lee Null, age 27, of Pennslyvania, 10/18/15 by Deputy K. Molitor
Brandon Lee Null

Michelle Lynn Turner, age 30, of Lexington Park, 10/15/15 by Deputy First Class J. Kirkner 
Michelle Lynn Turner