Friday, October 2, 2015

DUI Arrests - 10/2/2015

Nancy Patricia Arriaza, age 19, of Hollywood, 8/19/15 by Deputy M. Pleisse

Shanise Donnette Dames, age 32, of Great Mills, 8/24/15 by Corporal E. O’Connor

Kevin Joseph Michael, age 50, of Mechanicsville, 8/24/15 by Deputy K. Flelage

Samuel Wayne Green, age 22, of Leonardtown, 8/24/15 by Deputy B. Foor

Timothy Lee King, age 49, of Mechanicsville, 8/29/15 by Deputy B. Foor

Kevin Nathaniel Briscoe, age 36, of Lexington Park, 5/17/15 by Deputy H. Smith

Levi Hurley, age 48, of Forestville, 5/1/1967, 9/3/15 by Deputy J. Smith

Todd Darron Ham, Jr., age 31, of Alabama, 9/3/15 by Deputy J. Smith

Charles Delross Williams, age 58, of Washington, DC, 9/6/15 by Deputy J. Wilson

Steven Ray Laulis, age 32, of Tall Timbers, 9/6/15 by Corporal E. O’Connor

Jeremia Jacob Kisamore, age 34, of Hollywood, 9/13/15 by Deputy H. Smith

Tyrone Lamar Anderson, Jr., age 36, of Lexington Park, 9/17/15 by Deputy V. Pontorno

Daniel Christopher Bailey, age 35, of Ridge, 9/18/15 by Deputy S. LeFave

Thaddeus Xavier Crawley-Geneus, age 20, of Mechanicsville, 9/18/15 by Deputy M. Pleisse

Roy Charles Funk, age 49, of Lexington Park, 9/17/15 by Deputy First Class D. Potter

William Earnest Jagen, age 68, of Hughesville, 9/19/15 by Deputy J. Kerns

Andrew Alexander Burroughs, age 44, of Lexington Park, 9/23/15 by Deputy G. Knott