Thursday, April 21, 2016

Arrests 4/21/16

4-7-2016 – Theft – Corporal D. Corcoran responded to the Best Buy in California, for the report of a theft.  The suspect, Brittany Noel Johnson, age 24, of Lusby, attempted to exit the store with merchandise that was not purchased. Johnson was transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention Center and charged with Theft Less than $100. CASE# 18305-16

Brittany Noel Johnson

4-12-2016 – Conceal Dangerous Weapon – Dep. R Steinbach initiated a traffic stop for a vehicle operating above the posted speed limit. The operator of the vehicle, Justin Michael Townsend, age 21, of Hollywood, attempted to elude the deputy by pulling into a driveway. Townsend was placed under arrest and a probable cause search revealed a dangerous weapon. Townsend was placed under arrest and charged with Conceal(ing) Dangerous Weapon. CASE# 19341-16

Justin Michael Townsend

4-12-16 – Assault – Deputy V. Pontorno responded to the area of Flower Drive and Missouri Drive, for the report of a large crowd and ongoing fight involving several people. While still on the scene interviewing, the suspect, Shaun Darnell Dyson, age 35, of Lexington Park, struck a victim with a truck. Further investigation revealed, Dyson’s Maryland license was suspended. Dyson was placed under arrest and charged with Second Degree Assualt, Driving on Suspended License, Displaying Suspended, and Fail to Control Speed to Avoid Crash. CASE# 19328-16

Shaun Darnell Dyson

4-13-2016 – Theft – The suspect, Kristal Nicole Phares, age 28, of Lexington Park, attempted to steal merchandise from the Walmart in California, MD. When approached by security, the suspect handed the items to the guard and fled on foot. A short time later, the suspect was located by Deputy T. Siciliano. The investigation revealed she was previously served a notice not to trespass the business. Phares was placed under arrest and transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention Center. She was charged with Theft Less than $100 and Trespass Private Property. CASE# 19471-16

Kristal Nicole Phares

4-13-2016 –  Possession – Deputy Flerlage responded to the St. Mary’s County Detention Center for the report of recovered contraband. The investigation revealed the suspect, Benjamin Joseph Culvert, age 26, of Leonardtown, attempted to conceal suspected chewing tobacco. Culvert was charged with Possession of Contraband in a Place of Confinement. CASE# 19470-16

Benjamin Joseph Culbert

4-13-2016 – Assault – The suspect, Shuree Sinese Weems, age 35, of No Fixed Address, was placed under arrest by deputies from the Lexington Park COPs unit for causing a disturbance at multiple locations throughout Lexington Park, while under the influence of suspected alcohol. During a search, the suspect pinched and scratched the deputy who was restraining her. She was asked several times to stop resisting arrest, but failed to comply and attempted to the kick the deputy. During the arrest, deputies located stolen merchandise from a previous location where Weems was reportedly causing a disturbance. Weems was transported to MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital for treatment. Upon her release, she was arrested and charged with Second Degree Assault on Law Enforcement Officer, Alcohol Beverage in Retail Area, Disorderly Conduct, Failure to Obery Lawful Order, Disturb the Peace, and Second Degree Assault. CASE# 19561-16

Shuree Sinese Weems

4-17-2016 – Indecent Exposure – A lookout was broadcasted for possible drunk drivers heading southbound on Three Notch Road in the area of Oaks Road. The witness advised the operator stumbled out of the motor vehicle at the gas pumps and urinated. Cpl. E. O’ Connor made contact with the operator of the vehicle, who appeared to be under the influence of suspected alcohol. Field sobriety tests were performed and the suspect, Benjamin Daniel Warring, age 22, of Mechanicsville, was placed under arrest and charged with Indecent Exposure and Driving While Intoxicated. CASE# 20373-16

Benjamin Daniel Warring