Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Detectives Need HELP Contacting WITNESS in 7-Eleven Robbery

Mechanicsville, Maryland - On June 13th, a witness provided information to a 7-Eleven store employee after the business was robbed at 4:04 AM. The witness left the store prior to deputies arriving on the scene and he did not provide contact information.

The witness was a white male, with short brown hair, possibly in his 20's, wearing a white t-shirt and black ball cap with an unknown logo on the front.   

The witness was unable to make a purchase because the robbery had just occurred. 

Detectives are asking for anyone with information regarding the identity of this witness or, if you are this witness, to please call the Sheriff's Office Duty Officer at 301.475.4040 or Detective Cory Ellis at 301.475.4200 x 9125 or email at cory.ellis@stmarysmd.com.