Wednesday, April 1, 2015

DUI Arrests 4-1-15

David Pascual Hernandez, age 31, of Lexington Park, on 2-15-15 by Deputy D. Smith NP

Angela Marie Forrest, age 31, of Ridge, on 2-19-15 by Deputy J. Smith NP

Dylan Bradshaw Wiley, age 27, of Ridge, charged on 2-18-15 as a result of incident on 11-27-14 by Deputy Muschette NP

Renee Marie George, age 49, of Bushwood, on 2-24-15 by Deputy Murphy NP

Christopher Paul Forrest, age 39, of Lusby, on 2-26-15 by Deputy Wesner
Christopher Forrest

Kelly Dwayne Brummitt, age 54, of La Plata, on 2-27-15 by Corporal Kirkner NP

Jacob Brendan Schroeder, age 21, of Hollywood, on 3-14-15 by Corporal Kirkner
Jacob Schroeder

Rizwad Ahmed Javaid, age 35, of Eden, NC on 3-12-15 by Deputy Steinbach
Rizwad Javaid

Roberta Lea Tengaglia, age 46, of Mechanicsville, charged on 3-17-15 as a result of incident on 12-13-2014 by Deputy Holdsworth NP

Deena Jo Neville, age 47, of Great Mills, on 3-17-15 by Deputy K. Molitor
Deena Neville

Joseph Arnold Goldsborough, age 35, of Leonardtown, on 3-19-15 by Deputy Fennessey
Joseph Goldsborough

Brandon Aaron Wood, age 21, of Great Mills, charged on 3-20-15 as a result of incident on 12-13-14 by Deputy Holdsworth NP

John Winfield Carter Jr., age 40, of Lexington Park, on 3-19-15 by Deputy Cole
John Carter JR

Barbara Ellen Guy, age 28, of Lexington Park, on 3-21-15 by Corporal Corcoran
Barbara Guy

Eddie Russell Carroll Jr., age 26, of Lexington Park, on 3-22-15 by Corporal Moritz
Eddie Carroll JR

Jon Edwin Christensen Jr., age 39, of Colton’s Point, on 3-22-15 by Corporal Jaime Davis
Jon Christensen JR

Kevin Michael Knott, age 37, of Lexington Park, on 3-25-15 by Deputy Pontorno NP