Friday, July 11, 2014

Sheriff Cameron Receives Prestigious Medal

Sheriff Tim Cameron with Cardinal Donald Wuerl
On June 28th 2014, his eminence, Cardinal Donald Wuerl celebrated mass at the newly rebuilt brick chapel in historic St Mary's City as part of a weekend celebration to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Archdiocese of Washington D.C. During the mass, the Honorable Timothy Cameron, Sheriff, St. Mary's County, was awarded the Archdiocese of Washington 75th Anniversary Medal in recognition for his role in the ceremony unlocking the chapel in a 2009. In unlocking the chapel, Sheriff Cameron reversed the action of Sheriff John Coode Jr. who, in 1704, was ordered to close and lock the chapel to prevent public worship. Sheriff Cameron and Cardinal Wuerl are seen holding a replica of the key originally used to lock the chapel in 1704. Sheriff Cameron then used this historical key to unlock the chapel in 2009.   
Captain Steve Hall, Commander of the Patrol Division at the St. Mary's County Sheriff's office had this to say about what he witnessed, "The award was a great honor for Sheriff Cameron and every member of his staff. The significance of unlocking the chapel in 2009 was not only a symbolic act, it was a statement and a historical milestone in American history reaffirming the Sheriff's role and sworn responsibility to protect the freedom of conscious, a founding principal of the colony of Maryland and pioneering ideal that lead to the established protection of worship in the U.S. Constitution one hundred and fifty years later."   
Captain Steve Hall greeting Cardinal Wuerl


Sheriff Tim Cameron and Cardinal Wuerl
inside the brick chapel.

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