Wednesday, July 30, 2014

CID & Patrol Make ARRESTS in Wicomico Shores Vandalism

Wicomico Shores, Mechanicsville, Maryland - Between March and June of 2014, the Wicomico Shores neighborhood experienced a rash of what appeared to be related property destruction/vandalism offenses. Suspects damaged the newly built pavilion, bath house, and public docks at the Wicomico Shores Park/ boat dock area. Several vehicles were scratched or "keyed" or their tires punctured.  Publicly owned property was spray painted or "tagged" throughout the community and extensive damage was done to the Wicomico Shores golf Course. The interior of a home in the neighborhood was also tagged and destroyed.

St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office patrol deputies took numerous reports for these crimes. As a result, Detective Corporal David Alexander from the Criminal Investigations Division and Deputy Amber Logue from the Patrol Division consolidated all of these cases and began an in depth investigation. After compiling information and examining all evidence, they were able to positively identify nine (9) suspects believed to be responsible for these crimes with varying levels of involvement. Each suspect was subsequently interviewed and additional evidence of their participation in these crimes was obtained. The residence in the neighborhood which was tagged and destroyed was identified as a "club house" used by the group. 

"RB" and or "RBFL" was spray painted, (tagged), throughout the community during this time frame as well. Information was subsequently obtained identifying the group of 9 juvenile suspects as members of a loose knit gang known as the “ Rebel Boys” or “Rebel Boys For Life”.

The following 4 juvenile suspects have been charged. 2 suspects will be charged pending contact. 3 suspects may be charged after a review of the case with the State's Attorney's Office.   
1. Male, white, age 18, of Mechanicsville, was a juvenile at the time the crimes were committed. Charged with Felony and Misdemeanor Property Destruction and Theft. 
2. Male, white, age 15, of Mechanicsville, charged with several counts of Theft and Property Destruction.

3. Male, white, age 14, of Mechanicsville, charged with several counts of Theft and Property Destruction.

4. Male, white, age 15, of Mechanicsville, charged with several counts of Theft and Property Destruction.
5. Male, white, age 14, of Mechanicsville, will be charged with several counts of property destruction pending contact and processing.

6. Male, white, age 16, of Mechanicsville, will be charged with several counts of property destruction and theft pending contact and processing.  

The juveniles who have been charged were released to a parent or relative pending a hearing with The Department of Juvenile Services.