Thursday, March 16, 2017

DUI Arrests - February 2017

02/03/17 -Theotis Lee Bedonie, age 40 of Firmington, NM, Arrested by Corporal J. Stone

02/05/17 - Kristopher Allen Foster, age 24 of Hughesville, MD, Arrested by Deputy A. Budd 

02/07/17 - Jerome Irving Boyenga, age 56 of Leonardtown, MD, Arrested by Corporal D. Ray

02/07/17 - Dylan Marshall Hill, age 25 of Hollywood, MD,  Arrested by Corporal B. Foor

02/09/17 - Timothy Augustus Stephens, age 57 of Terre Haute, IN, Arrested by Deputy S. Bowie 

02/11/17 - Zachary Kenneth Lengfield, age 23 of Piney Point, MD, Arrested by Deputy First Class  K. Flerlage 

02/13/17 - David Michael Goad Jr., age 35 of Mechanicsville, MD, Arrested by Corporal S. Kerby

02/15/17 - Robert Cornelius Combs 3rd, age 24 of Leonardtown, MD, Arrested by 
Deputy M. McCuen 

02/15/17 Debra Anita Dyer, age 52 of Ridge, MD, Arrested by Deputy M. Beyer 

02/18/17 - Virginia Frances Piotrowski, age 37 of Great Mills, MD,  Arrested by Deputy H.Smith

02/19/17 - Patrick Francis Wohlgemuth, age 29 of Norfolk, VA, Arrested by Deputy S. Bowie

02/25/17 Shelley Denise Trahan, age 33 of Mechanicsville, MD, Arrested by Cpl. J. Sommerville

02/26/17 - James Patrick Mcgrath, age 54 of Great Mills, MD, Arrested by Corporal B. Foor


02/26/17 - Orlando Lamon Robinson, age 47 of Great Mills, MD, Arrested by Deputy B. Fennessey

02/27/17 - Burton Darrell Moody Jr., age 30 of California, MD,  Arrested by Corporal E. O’Connor