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UPDATE -- Operation Blue Christmas

Operation Blue Christmas

12/28/2015 -- additonal photos added (italicized)

Over the past several months, the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Vice/Narcotics Division has utilized various investigative tactics to include undercover drug buys while identifying numerous drug dealers throughout St. Mary’s County. Through these investigations, the Vice/Narcotics Division has obtained numerous criminal charges and have also obtained search and seizure warrants for various residences and vehicles of identified drug dealers.  The purpose of this operation is to dismantle drug networks by locating and arresting wanted individuals and executing search and seizure warrants upon the bodies, vehicles, and residences of drug distributors. Assisting with this operation were members of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Vice/Narcotics Division, with the assistance of the Emergency Services Team, K9, Patrol Division, Narcotics Support Team Members, officers from the DEA HIDTA Task Force (DEA Group 48) and the Annapolis Office of the FBI.

Search and seizure warrants were obtained and executed on a residence in the 46000 block of Pleasant Dr. in Lexington Park. The target of the warrant was Norman Kenneth Dickerson (Age 55). Suspect Dickerson was located and arrested on five open Grand Jury indictments for “Distribution of Cocaine” and “Conspiring to Distribute Cocaine”. Additional suspects were arrested when a search revealed misdemeanor amounts of controlled substances. Lori Maria Dickerson (Age 49) was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine and a related smoking device as well as being served a criminal citation for possession of marijuana under 10 grams. Suspect Mary Theresa Dickerson (Age 57) was arrested for possession of cocaine and a related smoking device. Donald Anthony Somerville (Age 58) was charged on a criminal summons for possession of marijuana under 10 grams.  A quantity of cocaine was recovered from the home as well.

Norman Kenneth Dickerson

Lori Maria Dickerson

Mary Theresa Dickerson

Rashaud Martese Nelson (Age 26) was identified as a distributor of cocaine. Several undercover purchases were made by detectives, and Suspect Nelson was subsequently indicted and an arrest warrant was issued. A search and seizure warrant was obtained and executed in the 46000 block of Yorktown Rd. in Lexington Park, which is where Suspect Nelson resides. Suspect Nelson was taken into custody without incident, and the search revealed cocaine and money related to the drug activity that was seized for forfeiture proceedings. Suspect Francis Xavier Jones, Jr. (Age 29) was present and found to be wanted for “Failure to Appear in the District Court.” Suspect Willie Steven Henry Hall Jr. (Age 26) was arrested and charged with “Possession of Morphine.”

Francis Xavier Jones, Jr.
Willie Steven Henry Hall Jr

Rashaud Martese Nelson.

Detectives indicted Nicholas Irwin Sisler (Age 31 of Leonardtown), and he was formally charged with “Possession with the Intent to Distribute Heroin” and “Possession of Oxycodone.” Suspect Sisler is currently incarcerated on unrelated charges.

Javon Lyzel Dickens (Age 24 of Piney Point, MD) was indicted for “Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine” which occurred when he was out on bond for felony cocaine possession charges. Suspect Dickens has since pled guilty in the earlier cases and now will face the additional charges. He is currently incarcerated on the original drug offenses. Additional, Courtney Ellen Lacey (Age 21 of California, MD) was indicted and subsequently charged with “Possession of Cocaine with the Intent to Distribute Cocaine.” These charges stem from her criminal activity with the co-defendant, her boyfriend, Javon Lyzel Dickens.

Javon Lyzel Dickens

Courtney Ellen Lacey 

Detectives have been working the last several months on a multi-jurisdictional investigation involving counterfeit prescriptions to obtain Promethazine-Codeine. Alexis Santos aka Londell Andre Malone (Age 24 of Washington, D.C) was arrested after passing a counterfeit prescription for Promethazine-Codeine Syrup. Suspect Santos fled the scene on foot before eventually being apprehended. A search of Suspect Stantos’ vehicle revealed 20 Oxycodone 5mg pills (street value $100), 4 Oxycodone 10mg pills (street value $40.00), 22 individually wrapped pieces of suspected crack cocaine (street value nearly $1,000), 2 Promethazine-Codeine Syrup bottles and a quantity of suspected marijuana (Street value $50.00). Also, in the vehicle was a list of approximately 17 names and personal information which were being utilized to fraudulently obtain Promethazine-Codeine. Suspect Santos originally provided false information regarding his identity and was positively identified by his fingerprints. Once his identity was confirmed, it was discovered he had additional open warrants for prescription fraud crimes. Search warrants executed on Suspect Santos’ phones revealed his involvement in the distribution of controlled dangerous substances. Further, Santos was linked to an additional group of individuals who were also fraudulently obtaining Promethazine-Codeine Syrup with false documents. Pharmacy documents show the groups of suspects were involved in fraudulently obtaining numerous bottles of Promethazine-Codeine Syrup throughout the State of Maryland, State of Virginia, State of New York and State of New Jersey.

Alexis Santos aka Londell Andre Malone

St. Mary’s County detectives continue to work with the other jurisdictions to assist in their investigations.  A St. Mary’s County Grand Jury indicted Alexis Santos for “Possession of Cocaine with the Intent to Distribute”, “Possession of Oxycodone with the Intent to Distribute”, “Conspiracy to Pass a False Prescription with the Intent to Distribute Promethazine-Codeine” and “Possession of Promethazine-Codeine with the Intent to Distribute”. After his release from his original arrest, Suspect Santos evaded apprehension until he was taken into custody in Prince George’s County by the United State Marshal Service Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force. Additional arrests are expected against Suspect Santos and other members of this criminal network in several jurisdictions along the east coast.

Trevone Damone Butler aka “Tre” (Age 25 of Lexington Park) was identified as a distributor of cocaine. Several undercover purchases of cocaine were made which led to subsequent indictments for “Distribution of Cocaine”. Suspect Butler was out on bail for numerous armed robberies he was charged with recently. He was arrested and is currently being housed in the St. Mary’s County Detention Center under a “No Bond” status. 

Trevone Damone Butler

Detectives observed a silver Cadillac Deville traveling on Great Mills Road, which had an outstanding search and seizure warrant awaiting execution. Detectives observed the vehicle being utilized as a mode of transportation during several undercover purchases of cocaine.  The vehicle was stopped, and Suspect David Lee Gray (Age 32 of Leonardtown), and Heather Lynn Davis (Age 33 of Leonardtown) were arrested for possession of cocaine. Further, detectives discovered Brian ONeil Hicks (Age 33 of Newburg, MD) was in possession of a loaded Taurus handgun, as well as cocaine. Suspect Hicks is a convicted felon (Armed Robbery/Crime of Violence) and is prohibited from possessing a firearm. An additional check revealed the weapon was stolen from a residence in Calvert County, Md. Suspect Hicks was arrested, and additional charges will follow a review with the State’s Attorney’s Office.  
David Lee Gray

Heather Lynn Davis

Brian ONeil Hicks

A search and seizure warrant was executed on the home of Suspect Ryan Michael Page (Age 30 of Lexington Park) located in the 46000 block of Columbus Drive. Suspect Page was the target of undercover purchases of heroin and was subsequently indicted. He was taken into custody and is currently being held on “No Bond” status. Also arrested at that home was Rachel Renea Meade (Age 29) who was found to be in possession of marijuana and was issued a civil citation.

Ryan Michael Page

Rachel Renea Meade 

A detainer was filed on Suspect Henry Clay Hinson III (Age 29). Suspect Hinson III is currently an inmate at the Eastern Correctional Institute for an unrelated crime. Undercover purchases of heroin were made, and he was subsequently indicted by the St. Mary’s County Grand Jury.

Henry Clay Hinson III

Stacey Lynn Edwards (Age 26 of Clements) was charged with “Obtaining a Prescription by Fraud” and “Attempted to Obtain 120 Oxycodone by uttering a false prescription.”

Stacey Lynn Edwards 

Charles Ray McElhaney (Age 31 of Piney Point, MD) was indicted and charged with “Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana” and “Possession of Cocaine.” 

Charles Ray McElhaney

Detectives observed a suspicious vehicle in the area of a target residence, and a vehicle stop was conducted. The operator of the vehicle, James Jamaul Housea Jones (Age 28 of Loveville, MD) was found to have a suspended license, an open warrant for “Failure to Appear” and be in possession of marijuana. He was arrested and charged accordingly.

James Jamaul Housea Jones 

In addition to the listed arrests, the following individuals have warrants and criminal summons pending from the culmination of these investigations. Contact the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office if you are able to provide information related to the whereabouts of these individuals.

Maurice Dwayne Davis (Age 42 of Lexington Park, MD)  for “Distribution of Heroin”.

Karen Angela East (Age 50 of Mechanicsville, MD)  “Distribution of Oxycodone”.

Thomas Emanuel Gross (Age 30 of Lexington Park, MD)  “Distribution of Oxycodone” and “Distribution of Cocaine”.

Lavonte Devon King (Age 24 of Lexington Park, MD)  “Distribution of Cocaine”.

Lewis Steven Tayman (Age 45 of Mechanicsville, MD)  “Distribution of Oxycodone”.

Antonio Jamear Warrick (Age 25 of Lexington Park)  “Distribution of Heroin”.

Skylar Anthony Sanders (Age 33 of Lexington Park, MD)  “Possession with the Intent to Distribute Cocaine”.

Danielyn  Marshall Winder (Age 35 of Lexington Park, MD) “Possession with the Intent to Distribute Cocaine” and “Possession of Promethazine-codeine”.

Eric Douglas Jindra (Age 30 of California, MD)  “Manufacturing Marijuana”.

Lennard Ray Frayer (Age 54 of Cheltenham, MD)  “Possession of Phencyclidine (PCP) with the Intent to Distribution”.

Joel Shawn Mitchell (Age 29 of Mechanicsville, MD)  “Possession of Adderall”.

Brandon Lowell Stump (Age 23 of Mechanicsville, MD)  two counts of “Altering a Prescription in an attempt to obtain Suboxone”.

Carolan Elizabeth Phillips (Age 28 of Lexington Park, MD)  “ Possession of Adderall”.

Inquiries should be directed to Captain Daniel D. Alioto, Commander of Vice/Narcotics, at 301-475-4200, ext. 1918.