Tuesday, December 29, 2015

DUI Arrests 12/28/2015

12-5-2015 – Donte Lavon Banks, age 42, of Lexington Park, by Deputy M. Rodgers

Donte Lavon Banks
12-8-2015 – Wendell Renard Kyler, age 49, of Washington, D.C., by Deputy A. Schultz

Wendell Renard Kyler 

12-6-2015 – Guy Matthew Lightfoot, age 30, of Lexington Park, by Deputy D. Potter

Guy Matthew Lightfoot

12-5-2015 – Robert Lee Green, age 26, of Lexington Park, by Deputy D. Stewart

Robert Lee Green

9-5-2015 –   Joel Shawn Mitchell, age 29, of Mechanicsville, by Corporal J. Davis

Joel Shawn Mitchell 

11-22-2015 – John Wendell Young, age 41, of Leonardtown, by Deputy M. Rodgers

John Wendell Young

11-23-2015 – James Robert Gillespie, age 63, of Leonardtown, by Deputy J. Krum

James Robert Gillespie

12-13-2015 – Jose Manuel Mendez-Ramos, age 30, of Lexington Park, by Corporal E. O’Connor

Jose Manuel Mendez-Ramos 

12-18-2015 – Marcel Dewayne Thomas, age 29, of Hollywood, by Deputy H. Smith

Marcel Dewayne Thomas 

12-19-2015 – Levar Tremaine Jackson, age 25, of California, by Deputy C. Ball

Levar Tremaine Jackson 

12-20-2015 – Justin Allan Norvell, age 22, of Mechanicsville, by Deputy First Class D. Potter