Wednesday, December 2, 2015

DUI Arrests 12/2/2015

Kyle Javiel Diaz age 23, of Lexington Park, 6/27/2015 by Deputy J. Bittner

Kyle Javiel Diaz

Michael Quentin Cook, age 63, of Lexington Park, 11/14/2015 by Deputy J. Bittner

No Picture Available 

Marc Jose Shubrooks, age 41, of Great Mills, 11/14/2015 by Deputy J. Bittner

Marc Jose Shubrooks

Jose Mario Ramos Sanchez, age 24, of Lexington Park, 11/19/2015, by Deputy J. Bittner

Jose Mario Ramos Sanchez

William Edward Dennison, age 34, of Lusby, 11/16/2015, by Deputy J. Kerns

William Edward Dennison
Lucia Lorraine Moon, age 58, of Great Mills, 10/20/2015, by Deputy J. Smith

Lucia Lorraine Moon

Jan Clayton Bochenek, age 68, of St. Inigoes, 10/25/2015 by Deputy First Class D. Potter

Jan Clayton Bochenek

Levar Tremaine Jackson, age 25, of California, 6/27/2015 by Corporal D. Corcoran

Levar Tremaine Jackson (File Photo)

Toby Blain Lakin, age 49, of Leonardtown, 11/6/2015, by Corporal D. Reppel

No Picture Available

Bernard Archie Tippett, age 66, of Coltons Point, 11/7/2015, by Corporal E. Johnson

No Picture Available

Rose Ann Nelson, age 80, of California, 11/8/2015, by Deputy J. Smith

Rose Ann Nelson

Michael Shay Gelzer, age 51, of Hollywood, 11/8/2015, by Deputy J. Bare

Michael Shay Gelzer

David James Abell, age 38 of Leonardtown, 11/5/2015, by Deputy J. Bittner

David James Abell (File Photo)