Wednesday, July 8, 2015

DUI Arrests 7-8-15

Dobry, James Robert , age 35, of Great Mills, on 5-22-15 by DFC Foor NP

Ellenberger, Travis Lee, age 27, of Mechanicsville, on 5-23-15 by Deputy Fennessey
Travis Ellenberger

Palencia, Gelin Zuzana, age 27, of Oxon Hill, on 5-24-15 by Deputy Fennessey
Gelin Palencia

Sanchez, Orlin Ramos, age 35, of Lexington Park, on 5-25-15 by Deputy Jason Smith
Orlin Sanchez

Steinbach, John Paul, age 46, of Waldorf, on 5-26-15 by Deputy McCuen
John Steinbach

Buckler, Christina Suzanne, age 36, of Mechanicsville, on 5-31-15 by Deputy Fennessey
Christina Buckler

Hiller, Kenneth Ray, age 49, of Florence, AL, on 5-31-15 by Deputy Wesner
Kenneth Hiller

Quade, Richard Casey, age 26, of Hollywood, on 5-30-15 by Deputy Fennessey
Richard Quade

Blackwell, Daryl Allen, JR., age 22, of Leonardtown, on 6-3-15 by Deputy Fennessey
Daryl Blackwell, JR.

Guzman, Carlos Alfaro, age 30, of Forrestville, on 6-7-15 by Deputy Kerns NP

Bokalitz, James Gerald, age 44, of Hollywood, on 6-7-15 by DFC Foor
James Bokalitz

Coar, Lawrence Francis, age 61, of Leonardtown, on 6-5-15 by Corporal J. Yingling
Lawrence Coar

Godoy, Franklin Isabel Coto, age 23, of Lexington Park, on 6-11-15 by DFC Potter NP

Sawyer, Stephen Mychael, age 22, of Patuxent River, on 6-20-15 by Deputy Kerns NP

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