Friday, May 20, 2016

St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Deputies Recognized for School Resource Officer and Adopt-A-School Officers of the Year

In celebration of National Police Week, St. Mary’s County Public Schools recognized Safety and Security Assistants, Maryland State Police, and deputies from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office for their public safety efforts in the public school system. Principals who submitted nominations, Members of the Board of Education – Cathy Allen, Mary Washington and Daniel Carney, along with Superintendent James Smith, and Safety & Security Director, Mike Wyant, were present at the ceremony bestowing the awards.
Superintendent Smith opened the recognition ceremony by saying, “We share a partnership to keep students safe and successful. The officers and employees honored here today have been the very pinnacles of patience, and I appreciate their efforts, today and always.”
Captain Steven Hall, of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office, followed the superintendent, adding, “Never forget the majority of your interactions with our youth is positive and will likely result in successes and realized dreams, you will never see. You are a critical part in maturation and are sentinel examples of what it takes, and what it means to do the most important thing a person can do, and that is faithfully serve others.”
The following officers from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office were nominated for Adopt-A-School Officer of the Year:
Deputy Artina Manns, Banneker Elementary School
“The partnership between school and law enforcement is crucial in teaching our students how to be upstanding citizens. Deputy Manns serves as an excellent role model for our students.” – Debra Bowling, Principal, Banneker Elementary School
Deputy First Class Kenny Flerlage, Mechanicsville Elementary School
“Deputy Flerlage works very hard to teach students how to problem solve and use decision-making strategies before acting out of frustration.”  – Sandra Oliver, Principal,  Mechanicsville Elementary School
Selected for Adopt-a-School Officer of the Year:
Corporal James Stone, Duke Elementary School
“Corporal Stone has gone above and beyond the call of duty to support one of our students. He has made home visits, provided food and clothes for this student. He has changed this young man’s attitude toward police officers and quite frankly, changed this young man’s life for the better. Our student has been in school and on time since Corporal Stone has taken him under his wing.” – Beth Ramsey, Principal,  Duke Elementary School
Corporal Peggy Smolarsky, Duke Elementary School  
“Officer Smolarsky has been instrumental in supporting some of our Duke families. Because of her positive connections to parents and children, attendance is better. She ensures that children have a positive view of law enforcement individuals. She makes sure all students know she is there if they need help.” – Beth Ramsey, Principal, Duke Elementary School 
The following officers from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office were nominated for School Resource Officers of the Year:
Corporal Andrew Holton, Margaret Brent Middle School, and Chopticon High School
“During the years I have worked with Andy Holton, I have developed an admiration and respect for his commitment and dedication to the job. In all cases dealing with students, Corporal Holton is courteous, understanding, and patient. He has the ability to establish a rapport rapidly with the students and counsels students on how to make better decisions.” – Garth Bowling, Principal, Chopticon High School
Corporal Kristi Nelson – Great Mills High School
“Corporal Nelson has become an invaluable resource for the school administration in providing a safe and productive learning environment for all students. She is an honest, trustworthy, and reliable member of my leadership team, someone whose counsel I seek on a consistent basis.” – Jake Heibel, Principal, Great Mills High School
Corporal William Rishel – Hollywood Elementary School
“There are many days throughout the school year when Corporal Rishel can be found walking the halls, visiting the classrooms, and just “checking in” to see how things are going.” – Jennifer Gilman, Principal, Hollywood Elementary School
 Selected for School Resource Officer of the Year:
Corporal Angela Delozier, Leonardtown High School and Forrest Career and Technology Center
“Angie has a personality that is ingrained with optimism. She takes her passion for her job and love for the students and combines them, making herself a trusted and beloved role model and creating a resource officer that is both admired and respected. Kids go to her with issues about their family and relationships; they are not afraid to confide in her. Adults go to her with student and family questions, seeking her advice, administrators seek her out, asking her for guidance on specific law enforcement issues.” – Maggie Giles, Assistant Principal, Forrest Career and Technology Center
Sheriff Cameron, along with the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office, extends congratulations to every individual who was nominated and received an award. The Sheriff’s Office also thanks the Board of Education, Superintendent James Smith, St. Mary’s County Public’s School staff, and the principals of our local schools, for honoring the nominees and winners.

Nominees and recipients for School Resource Officer of the Year and Adopt-A-School Officer of the year, stand with members of the Board of Education and Superintendent Smith.

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