Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Woman charged with Reckless Endangerment after repossession.

Leonardtown, Maryland - On July 31, 2015, at 11:17 AM, Corporal Tim Snyder was leaving District Court when he was flagged down by a tow truck driver. Corporal Snyder saw an Elite Services tow truck backed up to a Cadillac Escalade. The towing forks were underneath the Cadillac but not connected. However, the chain from the tow truck was connected to the Cadillac. The operator provided Corporal Snyder with repossession paperwork for the Cadillac. The operator informed Corporal Snyder he connected the chain to the Cadillac before making contact with a female inside due to previous incidents with the female owner, identified as Sheila Lisa Miles, 42, of Lexington Park. The driver then showed Miles the repossession paperwork, at which time Miles refused to give up the vehicle. 

Corporal Snyder made contact with Miles who was seated in the driver’s seat. Miles exited the vehicle and alleged the finance company gave her permission to retain the vehicle after making a payment. Corporal Snyder contacted the finance company and determined that was not true and the repossession order was still in effect. After Corporal Snyder advised Miles the order was still active, she entered the Cadillac and started the engine. Miles then drove forward over a curb striking other parked vehicles. Three children were in the Cadillac at the time and it was pulling the tow vehicle, which was a large Dodge 3500. Miles was about to strike another occupied vehicle in the parking lot when Corporal Snyder ran up to the driver’s door and ordered her to stop with his handgun drawn pointed toward the ground. Miles stopped the vehicle and got out. She was immediately placed under arrest. An 8 year old girl in the Cadillac was injured and taken for treatment by her parents. The towing vehicle was damaged during the incident.

Miles was transported to the St. Mary’s County detention Center and charged with Attempted Motor Vehicle Theft, 6 COUNTS Reckless Endangerment, Property Destruction, and Unauthorized Use. CASE #44766-15   

Sheila Miles