Friday, August 28, 2015

SCAM ALERT - Scammers are posing as 'support technicians" in an attempt to gain remote access to a computer.

SCAM ALERT – Scammers are posing as ‘support technicians’ in an attempt to gain remote access to a computer.

The Sheriff’s Office has received complaints from the community regarding scammers making unsolicited contact using pop-up messages. The scammers pose as ‘support technicians’ claiming a problem exists on the consumer’s personal computer and offering to fix the problem remotely.  The scammer will request credit card information claiming to charge for services.

Several variations of this scam exist, such as:

1.     A fraudulent email providing a link or attachment that claims to start the Windows 10 installation process.

2.     An unsolicited internet pop-up attempting to guide the consumer through the installation process.

3.     A phony phone call from someone posing as a Microsoft employee, who offers to assist with an upgrade to Windows 10 or ‘help’ with any other Microsoft product.

Microsoft offers solutions if you are already a victim or are targeted by one of these scams:

1.     Do not follow the instructions, click on links or open attachments. If you received the information by email, delete the message.

2.     Report the fraudulent communication to Microsoft:

Visit the Microsoft Safety and Security Center - - for more information and resources dedicated to helping keep your PC safe from threats, including viruses, malware, and phishing attempts.