Monday, September 26, 2016

DUI ARRESTS - August 2016

8-10-2016 – Richard Craig Gibson, age 42, of Mechanicsville, by Dep. H. Smith

 Richard Craig Gibson

8-11-2016 – Sean Michael Fowler, age 19, of Hughesville, by Dep. S. Shelko

 Sean Michael Fowler

8-14-2016 – David Allen Mcclay, age 26, of Waldorf, by DFC D. Potter

David Allen Mcclay

8-11-2016 – Katherine Marie Dittmer, age 49, of Lexington Park, by Cpl W. Ray

Katherine Marie Dittmer

8-22-2016 – Justin Andrew Revell, age 30, of California, by Dep. M. Beyer

Justin Andrew Revell

8-27-2016 – John Struven Evans, Jr., age 23, of Mechanicsville, by DFC D. Potter


8-28-2016 – Brandon Allen Moore, age 20, of Mechanicsville, by Cpl. J. Yingling


8-20-2016 – Sheldon Lyvonne Curtis, age 35, of Lexington Park, by Dep. C. Ball 

Sheldon Lyvonne Curtis

8-14-2016 – Xzavier Wende Jameson Thompson, age 18, of Suitland, by Dep B. Fennessey

 Xzavier Wende Jameson Thompson

8-14-2016 – Tyrae Maliq Dove, age 20, of Lexington Park, by Dep. M. Beyer 

Tyrae Maliq Dove

8-16-2016 – Gary Ignatius Branson, age 31, of Chaptico, by Dep. H. Smith

Gary Ignatius Branson

8-8-2016 – Wayne Alexander Mullen, Jr., age 33, of Huntingtown, by Dep. J. Bush

Wayne Alexander Mullen, Jr

8-7-2016 – Robert Anthony Staples, age 47, of California, by Dep. R. Trudell

Robert Anthony Staples

8-31-2016 – Ralph Charles Ackroyd, age 52, of Hollywood, by DFC. D. Potter

Ralph Charles Ackroyd