Thursday, April 6, 2017

On View Arrest: 03/29/17 - 04/04/17

Stuart, Mark Edward II


Isenberg, Lloyd Howard

03/29/17 – Theft over $1000 less than $10,000/Malicious Destruction of Property/Burglary 4th Degree.– Deputies responded to the 19000 block of Secluded Way Ct., in Drayden, MD, for the report of two subjects stealing HVAC units from a vacant residence.  A witness maintained visual contact of the suspects and the suspect vehicle, providing continuous updates of their location to the Emergency Communications Dispatcher.  Deputy G. Muschette intercepted the vehicle on Wildewood Parkway in California, MD, where the driver, suspect Mark Edward Stuart II, age 24, of Waldorf, MD, and suspect passenger Lloyd Howard Isenberg, age 36, of Waldorf, MD, were identified.  The investigation revealed the suspects had been contracted out previously to winterize the home and make small repairs back in March.  The suspects did not have permission to return to the residence and remove the two HVAC units.  Both suspects were arrested and transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention Center where they were both charged by Deputy J. Bush with Theft over $1000 less than $10,000/Malicious Destruction of Property/Burglary 4th Degree. CCN # 

Martone, Teresa Lynn
03/31/17 -  Theft less $100/Property Destruction/False Statement to Peace Officer/CDS possession not marijuana/Warrant service for Theft less $100 – Deputies responded to McKay's on Merchant Lane in Leonardtown, MD, for a reported theft.  Upon arrival, Corporal  J. Davis met with a store representative who advised the suspect entered the store, picked up a package of meat valued over $40, failed to pay for the meat, caused damaged to it and then attempted to return it to the store under the pretense that she had purchased it for the listed value.  The suspect advised store personnel she wished to return the product because it was damaged.  Corporal J. Davis met with the suspect who initially identified herself as Tammy Lynn Henson.  The suspect was arrested and transported to the St. Mary's County Detention Center.  Upon arrival, correctional staff recognized the suspect not as the alias given but as Teresa Lynn Martone, 47, of Waldorf, MD.  It was then discovered the suspect had an active arrest warrant through District Court for Failing to Appear for a prior theft case.  The suspect was also found to be in possession of a Temazepam pill without a prescription.  The suspect was charged with Theft less $100/Property Destruction/False Statement to Peace Officer, and CDS possession, - not marijuana.  CCN #17526-17

Hancock, Charles Patrick

03/31/17 – Possess contraband in a place of confinement - Deputy J. Davis responded to the St. Mary’s County Detention Center for the report of an inmate in possession of contraband.  The investigation revealed suspect, Charles Patrick Hancock, 22 of Hollywood, MD, was observed by a Correctional Officer attempting to hide loose tobacco in a paper towel.   The loose tobacco was secured and the suspect was charged with possession of contraband while in a place of confinement.  The suspect was then released back to the custody of the St. Mary’s County Detention Center. CCN# 17586-17

Mancil, Michael Alexander
04/02/17 – Disorderly and Fail to Obey Reasonable and Lawful Order - At approximately 1:00 a.m., deputies responded to a residence on the 21000 block of Galatea Street in Lexington Park, MD, for a reported noise complaint.  Upon arrival, deputies could clearly hear loud music coming from within the residence.  Deputies made contact with the suspect, Michael Alexander Mancil, age 25, of Lexington Park, MD, and advised him of the complaints and that the music needed to be turned down.  The suspect initially complied, then turned the music back up which was clearly heard from the street.  Corporal E. O’Connor made contact with the suspect again at the front door.  When the suspect opened the door the distinct and overwhelming smell of burnt marijuana emanated from the residence.  The suspect due to his actions and failure to obey a lawful order was placed under arrest and transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention Center where he was charged with Disorderly House and Fail to Obey a Reasonable and Lawful Order. CCN #17812-17


                            Curtis, Joseph Michael
Sledge, William Alexander

03/30/17 – Possession Open Container Public – Deputies responded to the 21000 block of Great Mills Rd., for a report of subjects trespassing at the rear of a commercial building.  Corporal T. Snyder and Deputy First Class V. Pontorno located the suspects Joseph Michael Curtis, age 52, of Lexington Park, MD, and William Alexander Sledge, age 58, of Lexington Park, MD, to the rear of a commercially owned building and actively consuming alcoholic beverages.  The investigation revealed neither suspect had permission from the property owners to be on the property.  Both suspects were issued Criminal Citations of Possession of Open Containers in Public and both were served Notices Not To Trespass on the property.  CCN #17311-17

Davis, Christina Rebecca

03/31/17 –Theft less $100 – Corporal T. Snyder responded to the St. Mary’s Caring Soup Kitchen for a reoccurring theft of toilet paper.  The investigation revealed the suspect, Christina Rebecca Davis, age 36, of California, MD, removed toilet paper from the bathroom in the soup kitchen, concealed it in a plastic bag and then exited the facility.  The suspect was located and issued a Criminal Citation for theft less $100 and issued a No Trespass Notice for the establishment.  CCN #17520-17

Drake-Sams, Ciara Ceressa

04/01/17 – Assault 2nd Degree – Deputies responded to the 46000 block of Morning Side Ln., Lexington Park, MD, for a reported disturbance.  Upon arrival, Deputy P. Robinson made contact with the victim and suspect, Ciara Ceressa Drake-Sams, age 26, of Lexington Park, MD.  The victim advised the suspect and victim were engaged in a verbal argument over the suspects drinking and intoxication.  The verbal argument escalated when the suspect physically lashed out at the victim, scratching the victim on he cheek. Deputy P. Robinson observed the cut to the victim's face and the suspect was arrested and transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention Center where she was charged with Assault 2nd Degree.  CCN # 17653-17

Knott, Cheryl Ann
04/03/17 – Confine Unattended Child – Deputies responded to the Target parking lot in California, MD, for the report of two small children left unattended in a running vehicle.  Upon arrival, deputies located the vehicle in the parking lot and observed the vehicle to be locked, running, and two children, ages three and one,  in the back seat.  The suspect Cheryl Ann Knott, age 31, of St. Inigoes, MD, returned to the vehicle after several minutes had lapsed from the initial complaint received at the Emergency Communications Center and her arrival back to the vehicle.  The suspect was identified as the children's mother and was issued a Criminal Citation for Confine Unattended Child.  Arrested by Corporal B. Foor.  CCN #18171-17

Wedding, Lee Mountie

04/04/17 – Violation of Protective Order – Deputy D. Smith served a District Court Interim Protective Order on the suspect Lee Mountie Wedding Jr., age 46, of Clements, MD.  Within minutes of the suspect leaving the residence, the suspect made contact with the protected party in the Protective Order and made derogatory comments to the victim.  Deputy D. Smith was notified of the violation and subsequently made contact with the suspect, who was arrested and transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention Center where he was charged with Violation of Protective Order.  CCN #18247-17