Thursday, July 14, 2016

June DUI Arrests

6-2-2016 – Tyree Lamont Holmes, age 30, of Suitland, by Deputy J. Vezzosi

No Photo Available 

6-2-2016 – Mark Wayne Williams, age 48, of Lexington Park, by Corporal D. Corcoran

Mark W. Williams

6-4-2016 – Maurice Lidell Jones, age 31, of Hughesville, by Deputy First Class Flerlage

No Photo Available 

6-5-2016 – Stephanie Nicole Monaghan, age 22, of California, by Corporal J. Kirkner

No Photo Available 

6-6-2016 – Lionel Paul Packnett, age 51, of Great Mills, by Deputy K. Flerlage

6-9-2016 – Stefanie Christin Brummitt, age 28, of Mechanicsville, by Deputy B. Fennessey

No Photo Available 

6-11-2016 – Valerie Michael Thomas, age 41, of Hyattsville, by Deputy M. McCuen

Valerie M. Thomas

6-11-2016 – Justin Daniel Baker, age 33, of Lexington Park, by Deputy D. Corcoran

Justin D. Baker

6-11-2016 – James Thomas Carr, Jr. age 54, of Mechanicsville, by Deputy First Class V. Pontorno 

James T. Carr, Jr.

6-18-2016 – Christian Paul Dulay Primero, age 22, of Lexington Park, by Corporal D. Corcoran

No Photo Available 

6-18-2016 – Robert Stephen Dixon, Jr., age 61, of Piney Point, by Deputy B. Gaskill

Robert S. Dixon, Jr.
6-24-2016 – Rico Sterling Montes, age 58, of Mechanicsville, by Corporal D. Corcoran

No Photo Available 

6-24-2015 – Fuquan Hassian Nath, age 41, of Lexington Park, by Deputy T. Sicilano

No Photo Available 

6-24-2016 – James Patrick Yates, age 53, of Leonardtown, by Deputy T. Wesner

No Photo Available 

6-24-2016 – Thomas Edward Blake, age 55, of Mechanicsville, by Deputy M. McCuen

No Photo Available 

6-25-2016 – Patrick Shane Harrison, age 31, of California, by Deputy R. Trudell

No Photo Available 

6-26-2016 – Marsha Lynn Wenworth, age 41, of Leonardtown, by Deputy First Class Beyer

No Photo Available 

6-27-2016 – Lester Jerome Barnes, age 49, of Lexington Park, by Deputy T. Payne 

Lester J. Barnes 

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