Thursday, January 26, 2017

DUI Arrests - December 2016

12-24-2016 – Dennis Martin Evans, Jr., age 48, of Tall Timbers, by DFC. R. Steinbach

Dennis Martin Evans, Jr

12-27-2016 – Christina Lee Calero, age 38, of Bowie, by DFC. V. Pontorno

Christina Lee Calero

12-29-2016 – Phillip James Chism, age 28, of Great Mills, by Cpl. D. Corcoran

Phillip James Chism
12-30-2016 – Edward Michael Sierra, age 24, of California, by Dep. C. Ball

Edward Michael Sierra

12-11-2016 – Joel Palacios-Leon, age 24, of Lexington Park, by Dep. S. Bowie

File Photo -  Joel Palacios-Leon

12-28-2016 – Warren Roger Stapleton, age 46, of Mechanicsville, by Cpl. J. Stone


12-3-2016 – Calvin Wesley Hebb, age 54, of Leonardtown, by Dep. J. Smith

Calvin Wesley Hebb

12-7-2016 – Michael Austin Mattingly, age 21, Of Mechanicsville, by Dep. C. Ball

Michael Austin Mattingly,

12-12-2016 – James Barnett Martin, Jr. age 42, of Fairmont, West Virginia by DFC. D. Lawrence

James Barnett Martin, Jr

12-24-2016 – Michael Anthony Green, age 40, of Prince Frederick, by Dep. J. Vezzosi


12-19-2016 – Douglas Alan Harris, age 66, of Hollywood, by Dep. S. Bowie

Douglas Alan Harris

12-16-16 – Tyreise Divron Nelson, age 24, of Lexington Park, by Cpl. B. Foor

Tyreise Divron Nelson