Thursday, September 17, 2015

Incident Briefs 9-17-2015

Incident Briefs 9-17-2015
9-17-15 Assault – Unkown suspect(s) tied fishing line across Three Notch Trail causing a victim to fall off their bicycle and scratch their knee. CASE# 54690-15

9-17-15 Theft – Unknown suspect(s) stole property from Valley Estates Drive in Lexington Park.     CASE# 54699-15

9-17-15 Fraud – Unknown suspect(s) stated they were from Humana to gain access to a victim’s credit card information. They advised the victim to give all their credit card information in exchange for a rewards card that would cost $4.00. CASE# 54701-15

9-17-15 Fraud – Unknown suspect(s) used an app to deposit money into a victim’s account. Additional funds were withdrawn later. CASE# 54702-15

9-17-15 Fraud – Unknown suspect(s) fraudulently opened a bank account, deposited a fraudulent check and then quickly made a withdraw of the funds. The investigation continues. CASE# 54705-15

9-17-15 Vandalism – Unkown suspect(s) caused damage to a vehicle window in the area of Stone Corner Lane in Budds Creek. CASE# 54708-15

9-17-15 Theft – Unkown suspect(s) attempted to remove an air conditioning unit from a house on the Three Notch Road in California. CASE# 54754-15

9-17-15 Suspicious Incident – Three victim(s) believe they were being followed by a suspect driving a truck. Arrangements have been made to have an extra unit in the area of the 41000 block of New Market Turner Road in Mechanicsville. CASE#54826-15

9-17-15 Burglary – Unkown suspect(s) entered a residence and stole property on the 45000 block of Take It Easy Ranch Road in Callaway. 54827-15

9-17-15 Theft – Unkown suspect(s) stole front and rear registration plates from a vehicle on the 22000 block of Upper Kells Court in Great Mills. CASE# 54845-15