Friday, September 4, 2015

Incident Briefs 8-28-15 to 9-4-15

8-28-15 Vandalism – Unknown suspect(s) vandalized buildings on the 22000 block of Washington Street in Leonardtown. CASE# 50393-15

8-28-15 Vandalism – Unknown suspect(s) vandalized the tennis court area on the 26000 block of Three Notch Road (Laurel Grove Park). CASE# 50458-15

8-29-15 Theft – Unknown suspect(s) stole a package from a residence on the 44000 block of Forest Landing Road in Hollywood. CASE# 50548-15

8-29-15 Threats – Unknown suspect(s) sent threats to a victim on the 21000 block of Chancellor’s Run Road in Great Mills. CASE# 50542-15

8-30-15 Assault – Unknown suspect(s) assaulted a victim walking along North Essex Drive. CASE# 50752-15

8-30-15 Theft – Unknown suspect(s) stole a motorcycle from a victim on the 46000 block of Yorktown Road. CASE# 50761-15

8-31-15 Property Destruction – Unknown suspect(s) broke a front window in the 21000 block of S. Coral Drive in Lexington Park. CASE# 50984-15

8-31-15 Burglary – Unknown suspect(s) stole money from a safe on the 15000 block of Camp Merryelande Road. CASE# 51032-15

8-31-15 Burglary – Unknown suspect(s) broke into the Hermanville Sunoco and stole merchandise. CASE# 51057-15

8-31-15 Theft – Unknown suspect(s) stole multiple dealership tags from Leonardtown Ford. CASE# 51057-15

9-3-15 Fraud – Unknown suspect(s) fraudulently accessed the Sotterly Foundation’s bank account and stole money. CASE# 51581-15

9-3-15 Theft – Unknown suspect(s) stole an IPhone from a student at Great Mills High School. CASE# 51597-15