Thursday, August 27, 2015

DUI ARRESTS - 8/25/2015

Byron Keith Green 2nd, age 22, of Waldorf, on 8/1/2015 by Corporal E. Johnson

Byron Keith Green 

 Crystal Diane Fletcher, age 32, of Mechanicsville, on 8/2/2015 by Corporal J. Graves

Crystal Diane Fletcher

Jekenia Marie Ross, age 44, of Tall Timbers, on 8/7/2015 by Deputy J. Vezzosi

Jekenia Marie Ross 

Tiffany Ann Vest, age 34, of Lexington Park, on 8/8/15 by Deputy J. Vezzosi

Tiffany Ann Vest

Kevalyeh Teville Af West, age 28, of Great Mills, 8/9/15 by Corporal D. Corcoran

Kevalyeh Teville Af West

Luciano Monsivas Tenorio, age 37, of Lexington Park, 8/8/2015 by Deputy D. Smith

Luciano Monsivas Tenorio

Brandon Michael Clark, age 36, of Mechanicsville, 8/16/2015 by Deputy B. Foor

Brandon Michael Clark 

Anthony Gabriel-Leano Obedoza, age 34, of California, 8/16/2015 by Deputy J. Wilson

Anthony Gabriel-Leano Obedoza

Gregory William Kasalo, age 46, of Calgary, Canada, 8/16/15 by Deputy B. Fennessey

Gregory William Kasalo

Leroy Logan, age 43, of Lexington Park, 8/13/15 by Deputy S. Tirpak

Leroy Logan