Monday, February 9, 2015

Trespasser Arrested at GMHS - Identified (current photo)

UPDATE 2-9-15 11:35 with more current arrest photo:
The suspect arrested for trespassing at Great Mills High School is identified as Julian Lloyd Griffith, age 23, of Mitchelville, Maryland. Griffith was charged with Trespass: School Property and Disturbing School Operations. Griffith also had two (two) outstanding arrest warrants from Prince George's County for Driving on a Suspended License. Both warrants were served.

Julian Lloyd Griffith

Additional details will be released as they are developed.

Original Press Release: 
Great Mills, Maryland - On February 9, 2015, shortly after student arrival at 8:22 AM, School Resource Officer at Great Mills High School, Corporal Kristi Nelson, was notified by school officials of three (3) suspected trespassers inside the school. Corporal Nelson immediately responded to the area inside the school where the trespassers were believed to be. As Corporal Nelson made her way to the three suspects, they began to flee. Corporal Nelson was able to apprehend one of the suspects; however the remaining two fled out of the front doors and out of the school toward the Great Mills pool. Additional deputies responded to attempt to locate the two suspects. At this time, the remaining suspects have not been identified or located. The adult male suspect apprehended by Corporal Nelson was placed under arrest and transported to the St. Mary's County Detention Center. 

There was no disruption to school activities during the incident and subsequent investigation. School officials and law enforcement are coordinating investigating efforts into the incident.

Additional details will be released as they are developed.