Tuesday, January 27, 2015

DUI Arrests 1-27-15

Sylvie Nicole Freddie Marjanowicz, 44, of Waldorf, on 1-6-15 by Deputy McCuen NP

Jenna Lee Henderson, 19, of Hollywood, on 10-19-14 (charged 1-7-15) by Deputy Lawrence NP

Stephen Todd Pierce, 26, of California, on 1-10-15 by Deputy H. Smith
Stephen Pierce

Dalton James Johnson JR., 59, of Waldorf, on 1-2-15 by Deputy J. Smith

Dalton Johnson JR.

Keith Sebastian Brown, 25, of Lexington Park, on 1-3-15 by Deputy Bare
Keith Brown

Joshua Paul Manley, 28, of Pasadena, Md, on 1-3-15 by Deputy Bare
Joshua Manley

Shenandoah Dornell Benton, 39, of Leonardtown, on 1-3-15 by Deputy J. Smith

Shenandoah Benton 

Steven Michael Ryan, 25, of Lexington Park, on 1-1-15 by Corporal T. Snyder

Steven Ryan

Daniel nmn Decker JR., 25, of Hollywood, on 1-7-15 by Deputy J. Wilson

Daniel Decker

Shea Austin William Ridgell, 32, of Piney Point, on 1-16-15 by Deputy J. Smith

Shea Ridgell

Donna Marie Courtney, 56, of Mechanicsville, on 1-16-15 by DFC Flerlage NP

Thomas Alan Janes, 56, of Hollywood, on 1-16-15 by Corporal Smolarsky

Thomas Janes

Tammy Renee Vincena, 41, of Lexington Park, on 1-16-15 by Deputy H. Smith

Tammy Vincena

Lydia Jean Ratliff, 28, of Waldorf, on 1-18-15 by Deputy L. Johnson NP

Michelle Lee Messineo, 41, of Leonardtown, on 1-21-15 by Deputy Pleisse
Michelle Messineo