Monday, October 6, 2014

Vice Narcotics Arrests 10-6-14


Detectives identified Jerome Antonio Herbert (Age 28) and Gregory Martese Colbert (Age 28) as distributors of cocaine. Undercover purchases of cocaine were made from both suspects and search and seizure warrants were obtained for a residence and vehicles utilized by them.

Detectives located suspect Herbert operating a target vehicle in the California, Maryland area and with the assistance of K-9 and Support Team deputies conducted a vehicle stop. Suspect Herbert and a second suspect, Terence Monroe Snyder (Age 31 of Leonardtown), were detained as the search warrant on the vehicle was executed. Inside the vehicle, detectives discovered more than $4,000 in cocaine hidden in the headliner of the vehicle, marijuana, two cell phones and cash. Cocaine and marijuana were recovered from the passenger area of the vehicle as well. The vehicle was seized and is now subject to forfeiture proceedings. Both suspects were arrested.

Shortly after the vehicle stop was conducted, the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Services Team executed the search warrant on the Lexington Park home involved in the distribution of cocaine. Once inside, suspect Gregory Colbert was arrested after he was found in possession of cocaine and marijuana. Tryee Dirreck Shields (Age 22 of Lexington Park) was arrested on an open warrant for theft and received additional charges for marijuana and related paraphernalia.

As officers attempted to conduct the search warrant on the home, suspect Chris Ricardo Colbert Jr. (Age 28) arrived on the scene, intoxicated, and attempted to enter the home. He was stopped and became belligerent. He was warned several times by officers and encouraged by most of the many onlookers to cease his actions or leave the area. Suspect Chris Colbert Jr. shouted profanities as he left the area, only to return again, acting disorderly while holding an infant.

He was given several warnings once again and told to leave the area as the crowd grew larger. When suspect Chris Colbert Jr. returned a third time he shouted at officers from across the parking lot and as detectives removed property and evidence from the home, he became irate, shouting profanities and moving aggressively to the roadway.

Detectives advised him he was under arrested and a struggled ensued. Suspect Chris Colbert was finally placed in custody and immediately removed from the scene and transported to the detention center. He was charged accordingly.

Additional charges against suspects Gregory Colbert and Jerome Herbert are pending a review with State’s Attorney Richard D. Fritz.

The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the community who were present during this incident who cooperated by following the lawful orders of officers on the scene. Their cooperation prevented this incident from escalating. 

In an unrelated arrest:
Detectives indicted Gina Alma Holroyd (Age 38 of Drayden, Maryland) for “Possession of Alprazolam with the Intent to Distribute” and “Possession of Oxycodone”. Suspect Holroyd is currently awaiting an arraignment hearing on October 17th 2014 in the Circuit Court.


Jerome Herbert
Gregory Colbert
Terence Snyder
Tyree Shields
Chris Colbert JR.
Gina Holroyd
Inquiries should be directed to Captain Daniel D. Alioto, Commander of Vice/Narcotics, at 301-475-4200 x1918.